Wow google, thanks!

Well apparently people are easy to buy into Google’s goodwill and don’t realize that it’s not raining, someone is just peeing on their leg.

Google announced
they would provide free WIFI this holiday season (Nov 10, 09-Jan 15, 10) in many airports. Too bad that list includes many airports that already have free wifi like LAS, MCO, CLT, FLL, SMF, SAN, IND, CVG to name a few. The fact that any already free, let alone that many, airports are on the list seems to make it more about publicity than free wifi. LAS and MCO are some of the most touristy airports so of course they are there.

The busiest airports in the world (ATL and ORD) both charge for WiFiand both are omitted from the list. ORD is a Boingo airport. ATL offers service from Boingo as well as TMobile and Sprint. All of them include various roaming partners as well.

What does google get out of this? Even more access to your soul

The network operators collect the information they need to run the network, and Google will have access to some aggregate, non-personally identifiable information.

I know I shouldn’t complain. This site is hosted for free by Google.