United updates Android App

A few months ago I decided to switch to T-Mobile for their international data service, but also because their phones allow WiFi calling as long as the phone supports it.  I went from the iPhone 5S to the LG G2.  After I got over the size issue of the G2 (one-handed use of the phone was not entirely possible, even with the keyboard on the one hand setting.

Another thing I noticed was that it was a step back in time using the United app.  I was flying United a good bit earlier this year before US left Star Alliance and the United app was quickly becoming my favorite.  It presented the information in my face that I needed, when I needed it.  No fumbling around to find boarding passes if they didn’t make it to Passbook yet (the only thing I really miss from my iPhone is Passbook).u

I’m glad the Android version of the United app has changed to the modern look.  I don’t have any flights on United any time soon (my next few trips I have booked are all Delta) but hopefully it works the same.

The new mobile app also includes all-new features unique to the Android platform, including the ability to rotate the screen, stack multiple boarding passes and utilize a new home screen widget. Similar to the iOS 7 version, the new mobile app for Android enables customers to view seat maps more clearly, purchase Travel Options and book award tickets on multiple flights.
– See more at: http://www.traveldailynews.com/news/article/59993/united-airlines-launches-all-new-mobile#sthash.IVxrPOZD.dpuf


Screen shot of the app Upgrade information


  1. Searching for flights is far harder with the new look, especially reward flights. On the old app you could just scroll until you saw the blue buttons for saver awards, but now you have to read every single itinerary

  2. I wish the new United Android app would display my United Club card like the iOS version does. Other than that, I like it!

  3. The new app for Android. I cant change a flight on this app. Has anyone else figure that out yet?

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