If I do receive a free or discounted product or service I will note appropriately in my blog.  I do receive ad revenue through BoardingArea, but advertisements are just ads and should not be construed as endorsements unless I endorse the product in a post.  If you have travel products you think would be of interest to business travelers please let me know.  I will always do my best to give an objective review.  If you have a product or service that would benefit the general traveling community and I feel it would benefit my audience I will be happy to review your product/service also.  I will not accept “press trips” since that is not the type of blogging I do.

Affiliate Links

I do have credit card affiliate links that are managed by Boarding Area.  Posts about credit cards are usually cards I myself have obtained either for the signup bonus to discard or for a particular spending category indicated in the “What’s in my Wallet” page.  Links to those cards point to the main website for the credit card itself regardless of whether that site has the best signup bonus.  I may occasionally link to other blogs with in-depth analysis on a card.  That page may have an affiliate link and should be labeled by that blogger.  I will not discredit a thorough blog post just because the poster used an affiliate link.  As with anything else, consider multiple sources if it seems too good to be true.


I will do my best to use my own photos first, photos that claim to be free second, and photos from Amazon third.  I should have a link to any third party picture so if there is no link attached to the picture it is probably mine.  If you like my picture and decide to use it I have no problems with that, but please provide a link to my blog and credit me for the picture.  The site graphics (fly gracefully banner, etc) are property of BoardingArea so please do not use those without consent.

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