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United to add Mercedes-Benz at LAX

In an article where Brian Sumers uses the term “travel caste system” to refer to perks for elites he writes Under the program, United will drive some of its most lucrative passengers to their gates using Mercedes-Benz cars. Chauffeurs will meet connecting travelers at their arrival gates and drive them to their second flight. Delta…

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IT Glitches…and it’s not even Friday the 13th yet!

Yesterday US Airways’ website gave some people who checked in a surprise…someone else’s boarding pass. Then today an error resulted in many people booking flights on United for only the mandatory 9/11 security fee of $2.50/segment. I was too busy being delayed in Syracuse to notice the ~$10 round trip deal which would be a…

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Marriott and United Team Up

After an ominous tweet last week that got many bloggers worried it seems that United announced something that isn’t entirely bad news: USA Today: Marriott and United will announce today a partnership that will give their most loyal customers reciprocal VIP perks in their hotels and on flights. The new “RewardsPlus” program, which begins today,…

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United follows Delta and sets spending minimums

Starting in 2014 United will require a minimum level of spending for status. Today we’re announcing some upcoming changes to our Premier qualification requirements for 2014. We’ve posted complete details and a FAQ at www.mileageplusupdates.com, but I wanted to share an excerpt of the key points with you directly: Starting in January 2014, Premier qualification…

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Delta and US Airways worst in reward redemption

Scott McCartney from the Wall Street Journal recently evaluated airlines for reward redemption.  Among US carriers Southwest and JetBlue topped the charts with Delta and US Airways rounding out the bottom tied for last amount airlines evaluated. At a recent travel blogging conference many of us were talking about what kind of a traveler we…

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