The most logical routing to Dublin…

It’s already out on the blogosphere so I’m not sharing anything that hasn’t already been on twitter and Flyertalk for at least a day.

There is currently a fare from the Seychelles to Dublin in Business for less than many fares.  Search Flyertalk, Frequent Flyer University, or Canadian Kilometers for more details about the fare and dates.

I haven’t been one to take advantage of mistake customer friendly fares before, but I’ve wanted to go to Seychelles and Heels First Travel always stresses to have a list of places you will go sooner if you can find a good fare.  I also needed to book a trip to Dublin for TBEX Europe so a SEZ-DUB fare worked for me.

I’ll be going from Charlotte to SEZ, spending a few days in SEZ, then taking the customer friendly business fare to DUB, attending TBEX, then flying on the direct home.

Fare: 223 GBP + award ticket booked on United (open jaw) for 70,000 points (in economy) + $52.50.  I had to transfer some points from Chase to finalize the booking, but it worked out just fine.

I didn’t do a stopover at any of my destinations and I still need to figure out what to do about hotels at both of those destinations, but oh well!

See you in Dublin if you are going to TBEX!


  1. Err…I didn’t book a stop over at any of my CONNECTIONS, but I do have ~ 8 hr layover at Abu Dhabi.
    Comments are welcome about what to do in Abu Dhabi for 8 hours.

  2. I’m quite envious… I was at the Lake this week-end when all of this was going down. Seems like it all happens on week-ends when I have little to no wi-fi!

    1. It’s still good. I booked this morning. Check ITA. I just had to punch in a few dates on expedia to find it so I’m getting into DUB a couple days early.

  3. Congrats Grace! That’s awesome. Seychelles hasn’t quite made my top 10 list, but maybe after hearing about your trip I’ll bump it higher on the list 🙂

    1. Now to investigate where to stay and what to do, but I’ll file it in my “pamper myself” or “been there just to say I went there” style of vacation unless I just really want to be a tourist.

      I’ve been to Ireland before, but it will be fun to be alone in DUB.

    1. You posted the post about twitter updates for deals like this in the future.
      It came up for me without doing much hacking on the website. I may have been able to find a better itinerary if I did more digging or searching for business/first awards, but I just took the first thing that worked at Saver
      CLT-IAD on US. IAD-ADD-SEZ on Ethiopian Airlines.

      Where’s the best place to bank the miles earned on the mistake fare? I put my AA # in there, but I barely use AA, but oneworld status would be good to let me see how things will be after AA and US merge.

    1. 2.5 hours and I’m pretty sure they don’t care about my Nexus trusted traveler.
      The website lists International to International as 45 minutes.
      Flyertalk doesn’t mention much about connections there.

    1. I mainly booked it because I just want to say I went to the Seychelles. i just keep hearing a british-accent Robin Leach type voice talking about random celebrities going there.

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