Never pay more than $14 for Delta Gogo again

Gogo uses a dynamic pricing structure based on flight length and type of device.

If you prepurchase a gogo session on Delta.com it is $14.00, but if you wait until the flight and purchase then the rate can escalate to $21.95 for a flight from ATL-LAX.

I don’t always prepurchase because I don’t always know if I’ll need it that week and I try to keep my expenses in the week I use them.

Delta (and probably other airlines as well buy I haven’t tested on them) have a loophole.  You can use the Delta website on Gogo without paying so if Gogo wants more than $14.00 for a flight pass, go to Delta.com and purchase a day pass (ie both segments of a 2 segment trip).

I go to Delta.com and in the upper right I search for Gogo.

Invalid request error occurred.Then I click the Get it Now button

a screenshot of a website

Then I choose a 24 hour pass.

a screenshot of a wi-fi

Make sure you enter the email address you use for gogo and when you login to Gogo it will see that you have a pass.  Use the pass and you will be online for 24 hours for $14.00 instead of $21.95 for just the flight!

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  1. Or set your browser to act as a Blackbery until the end of June and GOGO for free!

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