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IT Glitches…and it’s not even Friday the 13th yet!

Yesterday US Airways’ website gave some people who checked in a surprise…someone else’s boarding pass.

Then today an error resulted in many people booking flights on United for only the mandatory 9/11 security fee of $2.50/segment.

I was too busy being delayed in Syracuse to notice the ~$10 round trip deal which would be a steal for some mileage runs…assuming the tickets get honored.  To stop the bleeding United actually took down their booking site for a few hours.

What did you do?  Did you book one of the mistake fares?  If you did, what will you do if they choose not to honor this?  I wish I had booked a couple tickets to ensure Gold on US Airways, but if United canceled the ticket and refunded the security fee paid I would not complain.  I  also would have done same-day turns to not need to book a hotel or anything else.