What is in a name?

I figured it’s time to do a little overhaul of this site and the first thing to go is the name. Originally this blog started out as me discussing eating well on the road. I didn’t like that topic enough to post regularly so instead of being an anonymous Traveling Dietitian I am out in the open now as Grace. i decided to go through a few name iterations and tried to find a domain. I thought about Flying Gracefully and had a good image all mocked up (similar to the current one), then I wasn’t going to be able to get a .com domain, just the others. I wanted a .com domain to have some legitimacy so I played around with -ing or not -ing. “with” or not with. Fly Gracefully got me a .com domain. It’s also less clunky to type than the double g flyinggracefully.com had.

The new name just enhances the irony of my name with my travel style. I am usually not very graceful and either cause a commotion at the TSA checkpoint or other places.

…there are more changes underway so if you RSS me, leave your RSS the same for right now, but if you actually go to me, update to http://www.flygracefully.com