Travel Tip: Contact lens cases can do anything

I didn’t come up with this on my own; I have to give credit to Road Warriorette.

a package of contact lenses

Any contact lens wearer has acquired numerous contact lens cases over the years.  At one time Bausch and Lomb was giving away 12 contact lens cases on their website because they were trying to push changing cases every month.

So what do you do with them?  There are probably hundreds of answers if you googled what to do with old contact lens cases, but there are 2 in particular I can think of for traveling:

1. Random lotion/creme holder
With the space constraints of 3-1-1 limiting the assortment of cremes and lotions we can carry around, this allows enough of certain cremes without taking up a ton of space.  You probably want to use a permanent marker to label what is what…and it might be best to label the under part and the lid so you always know which lid to put on which side.

2. Pill holder
Bottles of pills for headaches and other small stuff also can take up a lot of room in a bag, plus it can lead to noise as they rattle.  A contact lens case can only adequately hold smaller pills (instead of multivitamins and such) but it can still save space.

Anyone have any other uses for contact lens cases for travel?
I guess if you lose buttons a lot it may be a good button holder.