Travel Tip: My top 5 for surviving a red eye

I hate red eyes, but I also hate wasting a day traveling home from the west coast so here is what I do:

  1. I carry the Oil of Olay face wipes.  I wet it down and give myself a quick wipe-down of my face, arms, under arms, neck
  2. I brush my teeth.  Even though the flight is around the same length whether it is during the day or night, when I sleep the dry air = horrible breath.  Gum helps, but nothing is as nice as brushing my teeth
  3. Apply fresh deodorant
  4. I always carry my own blanket and pillow when I have a scheduled red eye.  Most airlines do not provide them in economy anymore so you either need to buy one in the airport or from the flight crew.
  5. Eye shades and ear plugs are a must!

Also, be careful when you put stuff in the seat back pocket if you plan on falling asleep.