One Android App I can’t review: Weight Watchers (Beta)

I figure if I start paying someone else to track my weight I might hold myself a little more accountable so I just signed up for weight watchers. The most logical way for someone who is 80% travel would be to just use the online tools, but that’s too easy so I’m going to do it in person.
I figured I would see if they had a nice app to integrate with their website. They do have an app, but even after deleting all of the market apps on my phone I still don’t have the gargantuan space requirements for the app. It’s 17mb to download, then it expands to over twice that. I only have 32mb free so I will have to forego the app and trust my mind to recall my meals and enter them in the website.
It is just a beta so maybe things will improve. I would be nice to have a calorie counter that doesn’t depend on a network connection like others I have used, but that should be stored on the SD card, not the internal memory.