Today’s First World Problem: Service During Delays

I’ve become very accustomed to Delta’s service, especially first class service and I’m up to 45 segments on them with only 21 on US Airways so far this year.  Today was my first major delay in US Airways first (and it was mechanical, not sequestration FAA related).  We sat on the taxiway for 45 minutes before returning to the gate for an hour before finally being cleared to depart.  Now, on Delta I’ve had quite a few weather delays and without fail the second the captain announces the delay the flight attendants offer another beverage service in F and quickly go back to Economy with water and cups.  The FAs on my flight today just talked in the galley.  They didn’t leave the galley at all except once when they came to ask what we wanted to drink *after* takeoff.

One of my blogging friends and I even used to joke “This is a 3 bloody mary delay already” to indicate the level of service Delta provides during delays.

To their credit, we did receive predeparture beverages which according to Flyertalk seem more rare than the glory days.  Also, a US Airways FA on twitter asked me if the door was opened or closed.  Does that make a difference?  I’ve had delays on Delta still at the gate and on the taxiway and still received service.

OK.  Whine off.