Welcome Back Hornets!

Although I grew up in Ft Lauderdale for some reason I liked the Charlotte Hornets.  Maybe it was because Muggsy Bogues was such a star or maybe it was because I just really liked Hugo.  I remember spending all of my first grade year preparing for hurricanes, especially Hugo, then he completely missed us at hit the Carolinas so you can say Hugo holds a special place in my childhood memories.  When my brothers were choosing Chicago Bulls gear I also chose the Hornets.

It’s rather ironic that I didn’t actually move to Charlotte until after the Bobcats had been established.  Even with the Bobcats here for over a decade you’ll see much more Hornets gear (Charlotte, not New Orleans) worn out and about the town.  I think that is sad that we aren’t supporting our actual home team, but something about the bobcats has just failed to ignite fire in the city the way the Hornets did.  I’d also prefer if they kept the same color scheme, but Hugo may be due for an updated look.Invalid request error occurred.

I, for one, am excited to hear that Michael Jordan’s team has applied to resume the name.  I think the $3million quoted to rebrand will pay for itself by people actually going to games.  I have been uptown during Bobcat games and never had a problem finding a parking spot so it makes me wonder how full the Time Warner Cable Arena actually is.  If people like me put our money where our mouth is and actually attend games then the rebranding is totally worth it.  Merchandise sales alone will be good.

(link to Charlotte Observer Article)