Dinner at Encounter

Last night I had a coworker with some time to kill before a redeye at LAX. Since I haven’t found it to be the best place for landside options and since neither of us had been to Encounter, the restaurant in the X I suggested we dine there.

As many have said before me, it is an overpriced view. We got there at 4:30 pm since we are both Eastern timers and there was no wait. We were seated at a table with a nice view of Terminal 2 and had a good line of sight for take offs and landings.



I had the shrimp pasta which was good. My coworker had the salmon. Over all it was a good experience and when I find myself with time to kill before a redeye I may find myself back here, but I wouldn’t suggest coming here for dinner unless you plan on mainly enjoying the view.

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