Weekly Recap: Week of June 17

weekly recap!This week I stretched my “Fly or Drive” limits.  At first I needed to go to Rochester/Buffalo and then to Huntington, WV, but that was going to be expensive with bad times.  The flight to Huntington was going to be ~$450, but the meeting I had was late and I wouldn’t have made the 6 pm direct flight to Charlotte.  I could stay another night so I could fly or I could drive.

Monday – Tuesday: Work from home days.

Wednesday: I worked most of a day and then picked up a car from Hertz.  There is a Hertz a mile from my house and I can just walk there so I do.  It’s just easier for me and more convenient for the Hertz staff.  I picked up my car and headed north west.
I had no clue WV had toll roads since I didn’t recall them from my previous trips, but thankfully (so I thought) my GPS was set to avoid tolls!  Little did I know the avoid tolls route was a ton of winding roads with hairpin turns and about 2 hours longer.  Hindsight is 20/20!  I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Barboursville again.

Thursday: After my meetings I had time to eat dinner at Christopher’s.  Interesting restaurant.  After dinner I headed back to Charlotte.  At first the GPS was still on “avoid tolls” with an ETA of around 2 am.  I turned that off and the ETA changed to midnight!  Then I just needed to pick up some cash and I was good-to-go!

Friday: Returned the rental and worked from home.

So that brings me to:

Delta: 57 MQS/47,8XX MQM
US Airways: 35 PQS/28,XXX PQM
American Airlines: 1 EQS
Hilton: 1 nights/1 stay – 25 Stays/35 Nights
Marriott:  43 nights total
Avis: 6 rentals
Hertz: 1 rental