New use for Windows Phones: Delta BoB



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Image from Delta Airlines

Interesting.  I’d debating about whether to upgrade phones or not and the Windows phones seem interesting, but not on my list.  Whether it is a way to suck up to Microsoft to build SEA or whether Dynamics is really running a better product than the previous product is not something that I am familiar with.  EReceipts are of interest to me since the little slips they print from BoB (Buy on Board) now fade very quickly and are often illegible by the time I submit my expense reports.  On the other hand, a nice little 1.5″x3″ receipt is much easier to attach than an 8.5″x11″ sheet for something as cheap as a drink or snack.

Hopefully I have some flight attendants reading this because what I thought was interesting from the article was this quote:

And because the Nokia Lumia comes with Microsoft Office and Outlook email, flight attendants can remain connected and productive during the flight.

I totally get the “connected” part and I believe a flight attendant can be effective and still check email for 5 minutes during a transcon (assuming it’s permitted), but the “productive” part…what tasks of a flight attendant require Word, Excel, or PowerPoint during a flight?  Are they going to move some of the tons of paper currently printed to electronic transmissions only?  Is that allowed?