Goodbye free airport wifi…oh, wait!

The Google free Wifi promotion is now coming to an end. During the promotion I only passed through 1 airport that was part of the promotion that didn’t normally have free wifi…Monterey, CA.


  1. It’s funny you say that. I think back to 3 years ago and I don’t remember any Wifi at CVG, if there was it was pay and not boingo. Then they had free wifi. Then recently when I was there I only picked up T-Mobile. This wasn’t just in the Delta Sky Clubs either, it was far away from the Sky Club and I only got T-Mobile and it was the usual daily rate. Looked it up and apparently it’s free in the non-Delta parts of the airport still, but T-Mobile in the Delta part. I’ve never been in a non-Delta part of CVG, but it might have been concourse C that had lily pad.

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