Automatic bathrooms

a red sign with white text
There seems to be a trend in airport bathrooms and that is to make everything automatic. In ORD one only needs to wave a hand to get a fresh toilet seat cover. Soap, water, and even paper towels all come with just the wave of a hand. The only one that really annoys me is the water because most of them in airports have no temperature control which means the water is slightly colder than I’d usually like. Some hospitals do have temperature controls on automatic sinks, but not always in the public areas.

All this automation is great unless the sensor doesn’t work or, as this sign from Cincinnati Northern Kentucky (CVG) indicates, your clothing doesn’t register with the sensor. Of course this means you get soap but no water or paper towel. Those are always fun days…

On Flyertalk one of the signs on being a frequent flyer is being home and holding hands under the sink waiting for the water to start.