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Day 5: Enjoying the view

I came to Seychelles to do nothing and I am still succeeding at that. I did finally snorkel. It’s weird when you have a situation so moving it almost brings you to tears. I know it may sound cheese, but snorkeling at the Hilton was one of those moments. The water was just so clear…

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ET 501: not too bad

I flew on Ethiopian Air flight 501 nonstop Washington-Dulles to Addis Ababa. Since my flights had been changed since ticketing I had a fun “flight coupon required” on my Ethiopian segment so I went to the gate agent to sort it out. He punched a few keys and got the eticket sorted properly and handed…

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Panama Canal: a tale of two museums

Monday I went to the Miraflores locks on a Complete ticket ($8) which entitled me to watch the locks, go through the museum, and watch a video.  The museum, at least as far as I noticed, is completely bilingual Spanish and English.  All placards are bilingual and the 3D movie has Spanish showing and English…

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Panama, here I come!

And I’m off!  I’m heading down to Panama for the InterAmericas Hash.  This means I’ll be at an all-inclusive resort for a long weekend plus shoulder days in Panama City. My packing list for 6 days in Panama: 8 changes of underwear 3 pairs of socks (mostly wearing Vibrams or sandals 2 pairs of workout…

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