The life of a sales engineer in video form

Do you ever wonder what it is like to be a sales engineer?  This 7 minute clip sums up my life, except it skips the whole flying across the country part.

A sales engineer position is great if you have great technical knowledge about a product and can think outside the box to meet prospect’s needs, but still keep the sales rep in check with what the product can actually do.  Otherwise the sales reps sell the dream and the implementation team gets to live the nightmare.  Most sales engineer positions are heavy on travel visiting with prospects so in the frequent “What job do you have that requires so much travel” threads it’s an option for people who aren’t the best at relationship management, but are good at being polished and helping prospects get the best solution.

I didn’t create this, but I might as well have since my friends think I travel in First class all the time, my coworkers do think I perform magic, and my boss probably does think I party too much.

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