Thank goodness I live near the airport and have precheck

I always debate between staying up and sleeping before an early departure. I figured with a 14 hour flight ahead of me staying up made more sense. That worked until about 2:30 am when my body got the best of me. I set my alarm for 6:00 am and closed my eyes. I woke up around 4:30 am, looked at the clock, and closed my eyes again.
Then suddenly it was 6:30. I was still home, hadn’t packed my clothes, and I have a 7:30 am flight!

So i threw clothes in the bag and figure I’ll buy what I need when I get there. I always need an excuse to buy clothes.

Jumped in my car around 6:40 and headed to CLT. It’s about a 15 minute drive. I parked in daily, got on the shuttle, got off the shuttle at 7:00 am since right then my normal work day alarm went off) went through precheck at checkpoint B and headed to E19 (the very end of one of the E branches). I made it to the gate at 7:12 am and the door was shut and there was no gate agent in sight. FML i’m thinking to myself…then at 7:20 the gate agent reopened the door and I was able to board.

Phew! That was too close for comfort! Now to enjoy 14 hours of Harvard’s CS50 on my flight to ADD.

I don’t think I bought the coverage for faulty iPhone alarms.