Trying to have my cake and eat it too

I’m a bit of a contrarian so when I moved from Verizon to AT&T a year ago I didn’t want an iPhone.  I thought about a blackberry but thought since my company didn’t have a blackberry server I wouldn’t be able to sync with exchange like I would with a Windows Mobile device.   Well it turns out my company doesn’t support exchange on windows mobile either so I got stuck with a bummer phone and  I couldn’t do the basic function that I wanted a smart phone to do.  I still get disappointed when I hear applications such as Gate Guru are looking at Android as the next move after the iPhone, before even the Blackberry.

Well since nothing has been developed for Windows Mobile for years, the things that have still don’t look quite right on the AT&T Fuze screen, and my emoze push e-mail forced me to upgrade and stopped syncinc sub folders (where I put all my itineraries to keep them easy to find) I decided it was finally time to check out this Android.

With a little basic research I learned that I could actually run android on my fuze as a dual boot system.  This allows me to try out Android as an operating system to make sure I can do the few things I could do on my Fuze and I have the benefit of no hardware expenditure yet.  I found a new push e-mail system that’s in beta right now called Seven.  On the WinMo part it works just like emoze used to: syncs inbox and subfolders of the inbox, syncs appointments, and can sync contacts (although I choose not to do that).  Maybe I’m missing something, but on the Android partition it will sync my inbox and subfolders, but it doesn’t sync any appointments.  I like my flight info to go from my travel agent’s website into a .ics file into my outlook, then from my outlook to my phone.  I’ll still have the e-mail with my flight info, but not the appointments themselves.  I may check and see if there are any other OWA e-mail pushers out there for Android.

The people at the xda forums have managed to make everything functional on the Fuze running android except the camera and the GPS, but I have a brand new Nuvi to replace my old Nuvi so I don’t care about the GPS so much.  I used the camera quite a bit so I didn’t have to lug my nice camera on business trips, but the Fuze camera wasn’t good at adjusting the light settings so I’d always have to do it manually or have blue or yellow pictures.

Now that I’ve played around with Android I think I might check out the Droid and switch back to Verizon.