Coming home is worse than being away

I had received word during the week that my townhome had flooded and the HOA and my landlord were taking care of it.  I got home last night and everything from the walls of the garage had been moved to the middle of the garage so I had to park in my driveway.  The forecast for Charlotte had called for snow and I thought most of it was over because everything was fine at midnight driving home.  I figured I would have no issue parking in my driveway.

It must have started snowing pretty badly because when I tried to go somewhere today I discovered my car looked like this.  Living in Charlotte and never really being home I never bothered to replace my broken ice scraper.  I could have just done the good old hotel keycard trick, but since I didn’t really need to go anywhere I decided to not bother.

I assessed garage space agMy car covered in snowain and determined if I moved the fan over I’d have enough room to park in my garage again so that’s what I did.  Now all the snow will melt all over the wood framing and drywall that was just dried out, but oh well.

I’m glad I’m flying out at noon instead of 6 am on Monday so I can let the restoration people in.  I don’t really like the fact that they have free reign on my house and I’m not there, but at least I’ll only be gone 1 day so if they are back on Wednesday I’ll be around the whole time.