Name change volume 1

I figured I would chronicle my process to change my name since I didn’t really take any time off for this process so this will all be done while still traveling 80%.  I finally received word that my marriage license is ready for pickup, but I got the call on the way to the airport to fly out this week.  DH will have to wake up early or get off early and fedex it to me for anything to get done now.

Step 1: change name with Social Security administration.   I have to do this before I can change my name at work.  I thought the DMV cared too, but their website just said marriage certificate so we’ll see since NC DMV will never let you in the door without a SS card.

Hurdle 1: The SSA website constantly says “local office” when saying where to go.  Now of course it makes sense to go to the closest office, but is there a real requirement to go to the office it tells me when I plop in my current zip code?  Well this week I’m in Baltimore for 2 days, Chicago for 2 days, then I leave for Australia on Saturday.  I get back into the country and go straight to my company’s office (which is not in Charlotte).  I hoped to have something to show them to help change my name while I’m up there.  My real SS card might not be done, but someone on the internet mentioned something about a paper from the SSA on the spot.  Hopefully that plus a marriage license will be sufficient to appease my HR department.  I ordered 2 full licenses and 2 wallet licenses to be ready for most situations.

Hurdle 1.5: the other option is to mail the application and supporting documents.  I’m trying to get clarification on what documents are needed for a name change, but it sounds like I need birth certificate, marriage license, and driver’s license or passport.   I can’t mail my passport until I get back in the US and I need my driver’s license for rental pickup on Wednesday of this week, then again as soon as  I land at my destination in the US.  I never bothered to get a passport card because I had been anticipating needing to change my name on it since they announced the start of the passport card program.  Now I wish I had a passport card.  I am requesting one with my change of name for my passport, but that does me no good now.

So either I can go to the SS office in Chicago or I have to wait 3 weeks to even start this process!

Am I reading into this too much?