Name Change part 2: SSA

So the first thing I need to do before I can get a new driver’s license and thus change all my rental programs is to get a social security card issued in my name. That poses interesting logistical problems with my not being home. My client this week is an early worker so we started early, finished before the SSA closed, but I still had to get to the hotel to pick up my envelope from FedEx (love delivery e-mails!) and then head over to the social security office (which didn’t exist in my brand new GPS).

I was so stressed out that if I didn’t make it my whole time line to change everything wouldn’t work out. I read stories online about people waiting for 45 minutes and since I was making it at 3:30pm and the office closes at 4 pm I was getting scared. I was so stressed I brought my papers in, but not the SS-5 form I worked so hard to fill out.

I got in, read the computer screen to get a number, sat down, got called within 2 minutes, and was out no more than 3 minutes after that. I had read reviews of SSA staff being very polite. The man was professional…let’s put it that way. Professional and to the point. I prefer that over polite but incompetent any day! I presented him my NC marriage license, my FL social security number, and my passport and he didn’t give me a single “what the heck are you doing in Chicago if you live in NC” like some office personnel do. I did volunteer that I was in town on business, but he didn’t seem to care. He just wanted my info and printed out a statement of what I requested and off I went.

This was the office in Woodridge. Maybe I got lucky getting in and out at 3:30 pm in a couple minutes. I’d reckon when they first open and during lunch are probably really busy.

Maybe I’d be really happy and professional if I worked from 9 to 4. I know I wouldn’t want to put up with people as stressed out over nothing as I was today. He was a real professional, but since I was stressed I didn’t bother noticing any name. Thank you Mr. Social Security guy who put up with a crazy newly wed today.