Continental ends free food domestically

Continental ends free food domestically

On my flight from MEL to SYD and SYD to LAX I started thinking about how United offers free alcohol on those routes due to competition.  US Airways stopped charging for beverages quickly after starting due to no other airline following suit.  The industry seems to stay competitive by following the leader in service cuts and new fees.  Continental seemed to be the lone holdout on US carriers though since they still offered free hot food on flights in the US.  While we can argue about the quality of the “Not dog” and the cheeseburger, it was still free and hot.

Who would have thought that by the time I landed this announcement was released.  I need to only think happy thoughts about airlines even though I never fly Continental.  I must admit there was a connection that went from 40 minutes to 20 minutes and my time to eat lunch disappeared so I appreciated the free cheeseburger since I didn’t have any cash on me which was the standard for other airlines’ buy-on-board at that time.

Now most airlines accept credit cards and I never leave home without them.

Delta still offers free snacks (peanuts, pretzels, biscoff cookies).  I honestly wouldn’t notice if that changed since I refuse that part of the service, but for all those biscoff addicts out there they may miss it.

This move by CO has little to no affect on my travel.  I hope it brings better paid choices or maybe lower ticket prices.