GAO cracks down on TSA’s Behavior Detection program

From CBS News

Apparently the Government Accountability Office is investigating the BDO program.  Many of the recently busted terrorists passed through airports with BDOs, but weren’t detected by them.

The BDOs in CLT are a joke.  They pace the line and randomly ask people how their day is and where they are going.  In theory it is supposed to mimic the security methods used by Israel which are believed to be the best methods in use.  The problem is that the BDOs aren’t really properly trained.  They are wasting the money they currently have and who knows how much money it would cost to make the program work on such a large scale.  Israel has 1 airport, the US many and due to connections a terrorist can originate at any airport.

The BDOs have the same success rate as the body scanners: detecting illegal drugs.  TSA is good at doing a job they shouldn’t be doing, but fail miserably at their actual job.