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Good deed done by a TSA employee

The news (and I) loves to blast TSA employees when they are found out to have skeletons in the background or use the job to steal and commit other offenses so it only seems fair to highlight when a TSA employee does a good deed as well. DNAinfo radio reporter Jon Hansen was on his…

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Precheck actually available for international travelers

As of yesterday, May 7, international itineraries are finally available for Pre✓ as well. Passengers flying internationally from the 40 participating TSA Pre✓™ airports may be eligible to receive expedited screening. In addition, passengers with connecting domestic flights who arrive in the United States on an international flight may use the TSA Pre✓™ lanes when…

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Delta to add precheck indicator to kiosk boarding passes

From DLCorpGuy on Flyertalk We’ve got some good news for you if you’ve already experienced TSA PreCheck. Starting today, we will become the first airline to print an indicator on kiosk-printed boarding passes to give you some advance notice if you’ve been selected for TSA PreCheck. On Thursday, April 19, we’ll add a similar indicator…

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Precheck to Canada…not yet

Flew CLT-DTW-YYZ today on Delta.  I know in theory international tickets are not precheck eligible, but this thread on Flyertalk led me to try anyway. Even though I have a high success rate on Delta I did not get the three beeps.  With little activity on that thread I’m not sure if it’s the exception…

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Knives on Planes…Oh My!

Well it seems that TSA’s new policy to allow pocket knives is actually getting a lot of backlash so I will give credit where credit is due. First, I think repealing the liquid ban or eliminating the backscatter/millimeter wave would be my top changes, but this is at least a step forward. In the South,…

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