Good deed done by a TSA employee

The news (and I) loves to blast TSA employees when they are found out to have skeletons in the background or use the job to steal and commit other offenses so it only seems fair to highlight when a TSA employee does a good deed as well.

DNAinfo radio reporter Jon Hansen was on his way to work Wednesday when he saw the woman fall from the Blue Line platform at the Chicago Avenue station just as a train was approaching.

“Everyone just kind of let out a gasp. You could hear it audibly in Chicago station. And everyone starts waving their hands and screaming, ‘No,'” Hansen said.

That’s when Palacios, wearing a bright orange University of Illinois sweatshirt, jumped onto the track to get the attention of the train operator. The train stopped 20 feet in front of the woman.

So, although there are too frequently stories about TSA employees who are bad apples, there are a few good ones who do act selflessly to help others.  Jumping on the tracks to get a train to stop is way beyond anything I’d think to do in that situation.  Has my lack of a TSA patdown warped my opinion of them?  No.  This is just trying to be somewhat fair to the organization.  This guy may be the exception rather than the rule, but his act should not be discredited just because of who employs him.