Precheck actually available for international travelers

As of yesterday, May 7, international itineraries are finally available for Pre✓ as well.

Passengers flying internationally from the 40 participating TSA Pre✓™ airports may be eligible to receive expedited screening. In addition, passengers with connecting domestic flights who arrive in the United States on an international flight may use the TSA Pre✓™ lanes when going through the screening process at participating airports after being cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

I’m happy to see this since I’ve already been to Canada 3 times this year and those were also the 3 times I have not been selected for Pre✓ at CLT.  I just got taken off my next trip to Canada so I won’t have time to test this out for a couple months, but for many other Pre✓ eligible travelers this will make the program finally usable.