Allergies while traveling

I didn’t really have allergies until a few years ago and I don’t know if it’s an age related thing or a pollen count related thing, but they keep getting worse.

A couple years ago I started taking Claritin and that helped so I never bothered to go to an allergist to find out the exact things I’m allergic to or to get a prescription.  The problem with travel is you really have to be preemptive and stay on top of it.  Whatever I’m allergic to started about 1 month ago so that is when I started taking pills, but when I would travel to colder climates I would forget to bring my pills or I’d skip a few days.  This meant I landed in Atlanta or Charlotte and would be that annoying person next to you sneezing with a runny nose “It’s not contagious, it’s just allergies!”  It’s still annoying, none-the-less.

Now Charlotte is mostly cleared up, but if the same pollen is where I travel I’m sure I’ll continue sneezing.  I’m getting sick of Claritin and it’s expense, even for the generic form and even at Costco.  Since “local” means something different to travelers and I can’t moderate myself with sweeteners I have not tried the local honey route.  I used to have easy access to local honey and my allergies were actually worse when I was eating it.  Instead of just sneezing I had horrible eye itching as well and had to use allergy eye drops.

Just last week I decided to give up on Claritin and I started taking Quercetin instead.  Now I rarely sneeze and when I travel to markets with weather a month behind Charlotte I have no issues.  It doesn’t give me any medicine head and seems to work much better than Claritin, Zyrtec, or Allegra ever did.


  1. Hi, Can you provide me some information on this drug? Is it available over the counter? Where can you buy it? I have the worst spring allergies, and neither zyrtec or allegra really help.

  2. Usually the honey treatment doesn’t work. You might see if you can get a RX for Nasonex from your doctor. You can do this nasal treatment in addition to other medicines. It really has helped me and I have the same issues you have which have developed over the past couple years for some odd reason. Must be age or crappy St. Louis allergy issues. Quercetin can cause bad interaction problems when taken with medications or for long term use.
    Also doctors have advised me that medicines like Allegra (which is the most powerful of the big 3) needs to be taken every day to be effective long term. My allergies do tend to clear up if I can be near the ocean so maybe I should just move to the beach 🙂

    1. I bought my quercetin with bromelain at my local health food store. Amazon sells it and i’m sure walgreens/gnc/vitamin world carry it as well.

      Since i bought the store brand I didn’t want to link to Amazon and appear to support a product I don’t exist. I plan to just finish my one bottle and my seasonal issues should be clear from FL up to AB by then since I also heard it is not recommended long term.

      Also, I have gotten to the stage in my life where my body isn’t a lab protocol. If i have an issue that doesn’t resolve to my satisfaction I would definitely see a doctor. I was mainly just sneezing maybe 3 times in a row when first getting outside but was fine indoors for the most part. I considered that controlled and it was not interfering with my work (aside from occasional drowsiness)

  3. Immunotherapy, if you are dedicated, will take care of it. Completely got rid of my allergies.

  4. Generic claritin is pretty cheap at target. I buy generic allegra at Wal-Mart for less than six dollars a month. They have it for $.88 for five tablets so six boxes last a month.

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