Statement of focus

I know my posts meander about a variety of topics and I don’t think that will entirely change, but as a whole I need to refocus now that I have reestablished myself.

Airlines: Delta and US Airways
Hotels: Hilton and Marriott
Airports: Charlotte and occasionally Atlanta
App reviews and first world problems.
I will also remain a TSA hater.
Current events as relevant.

Why focus? I feel like I really need to state my focus to emphasize my areas of expertise. I am a business traveler. I travel for business as my primary source of income. I am here to share my stories and I feel like I have become a reposter for programs I know little about and don’t participate in. I would rather focus on what i know and present myself as the experts in those programs. Boarding Area has plenty of experts in other programs and I encourage you to explore the other blogs.


    1. Yes. Part of the reason why I stopped blogging for a while is because I felt I had lost my unique perspective, but when stated like that I do hold an important spot in Boarding Area’s line up.

  1. Good idea. I feel Lucky is known for first class travel and mommypoints is known for young family travel bc they both focused on certain areas and became experts vs being a jack of all trades.
    Does your company provide you a company credit card or do you use these miles/points earning credit cards, save the receipts, and get reimbursed by your company?

    1. I pay for everything except airfare. I book all my own travel. As such, I post about credit cards occasionally, but since I earn enough points to support my vacation time I’m not a churner. I add a new card about once a year, sometimes every 6 months, but not monthly or every 60 days like many others.

  2. As a GSP traveller who also uses clt when fares are better, I definately appreciate your perspective. Thank you!

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