US Airways does have some great flight attendants

I know I bash US Airways a lot. I like Delta’s service much better and I like to point out US’s shortcomings.
Yesterday’s flight from CLT to DEN was an exception. The lady working First Class (name withheld, but reported to US already) was probably the most friendly and service-oriented FA I have experienced on US in a while.
It is not a true fair comparison since I have been flying in Delta first class for 6 years, but I have only been flying in First on US since October. I also can’t compare the FA in first to the FA in coach since they are never apples to apples.
So thank you for making my 3 hours in the air pleasant and letting us all see how much you enjoy your job. I hope you are a positive influence on your coworkers who may be jaded.


  1. I’ve been flying PHL to LAX and DEN for the past month. I’ve also had some very good FAs who have made the trips very pleasant.

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