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Weekly Traveler No More!

March 27th signaled the culmination of my 8th year with my company.  I know some people can travel for entire careers and that works for them, but I had reached my breaking point.  My health is deteriorating, I was constantly stressed out because I felt like I was always working on the road, then when…

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Addis Ababa Day 2: Unexpected holidays on…holiday

I met a nice Welsh lady in the executive lounge the previous night who advised me that the tour companies at the Hilton book private 1/2 day tours for about ~$80. She advised me to use the company by the bakery. First I tried the agency by the elevators but they kept saying everything is…

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My experience with Passport Health

I had mentioned previously that I was going to get shots for up upcoming trips.  This post is a review of Passport Health.  After I scheduled my appointment on the phone I was provided a link to fill out with my immunization history, countries I’m visiting, prescriptions I’m taking, and other relevant health information.  It…

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