Day 6: Paradise Lost

My flight out wasn’t until 8:30 PM and I was a bit sunburned so instead of lounging at the Hilton until 5 PM I decided to check out at normal time and head to downtown Victoria (or i guess just Victoria is what they call it).

I checked out and had Hilton call me a cab. They called Frank who doubles as a tour guide. He not only drove me to the airport but also gave me a history of Seychelles, his life, and he boasted about how harmonious the island is. I had read that the US used to have a communications base there (I saw a USAF plane there when I landed and I was looking to see if we had a base). Frank worked at the communications place during Armstrong’s days as he called it and that place was strategic when the space ship could not communicate with other stations (his words, I didn’t fact check).
The ride was again 600 SCR so the drivers are consistent with pricing.

I got to the airport around and did things admittedly the most expensive way. Since it was too early to check bags I left my bag at Left luggage (170 SCR) and went to the taxi stand to get a cab to Victoria. 300 SCR later I was in the market. I did my requisite souvenir shopping, visited the nature museum, and just walked around the same blocks over and over since it’s a small city (smallest capital city in the world).

Then I headed back to the airport to take the flight that started this all!