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Misdirected Service Recovery

Service recovery is very important in the hospitality industry, but what do you do when you didn’t actually complain?  I got an email from the general manager of a hotel I stayed at last week apologizing for giving me the wrong room type and offering me a voucher.

That is how things should work (assuming there is actually a complaint).  The problem is that I never complained.  I never said anything at checkin, I never said anything on Flyertalk or Milepoint.  I never said anything on Twitter.  I’m really at a loss for why this manager thinks I am upset.  I haven’t even received a survey or anything to complain since I just checked out.  I purchased some items from the market right before I headed out so I checked out in person and said everything was fine then.

The only thing that is fair to do is to is to refuse the service recovery offer and make sure the GM understands that I had no issues with the room and as far as I know I got the room I booked (the reservation was made by a coworker, but I got the room type I normally do).

Although it’s great to get perks while traveling, I prefer to only keep the ones I deserve and to not complain unless I am wronged.  I do not agree with people who complain just to get free things and I think they water it down for the rest of us.  I may express my disappointment on social media for service, but if I actually want something back I will specifically request it.


  1. I would be impressed that the hotel was so proactive. They probably caught their mistake after the fact and want to remedy the situation, even if you aren’t upset. That’s excellent customer service. If you feel bad, just send a note back that you enjoyed your room and their generosity is unnecessary.

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