Charlotte Frequent Flyer BBQ Get Together – August 17

If any of you follow Flyertalk’s Community forum you know that periodically people schedule events throughout the world.  FT member Gamecock is coordinating an event August 17th called the Carolina Que-Do.

The schedule is best viewed from the event page since the agenda is subject to change at any time, but here it is as-of today.

17 August 2013

Breakfast: On your own
10:00 Carolina’s Aviation Museum, includes the airframe for US 1549. Something about landing in the Hudson…. Group rate, $7.00 pp (Sadly organized tours are not available on Saturday)
12:00-1330 Lunch at Sauceman’s BBQ Zagat Score: 24.
1330-1700 Working it. Maybe we can get a tour of CLT Airport???
1730-1830 Dinner at Bill Spoon’s BBQ. Zagat Score: 24
1830-2000 Personal Time
2000-until After party. Place TBD (Maybe at the hotel where most of us are staying?)

Everyone is welcome, but please RSVP on Flyertalk so Gamecock knows how many people to make reservations for.

During this I will also try to see if there is enough interest in a monthly happy hour similar to what Lucky and Scott do up in Seattle.  There are plenty of business travelers in Charlotte and plenty of people who like talking miles and points, but there are only a couple that I have actually met.

You know you all are dying to meet me so come on over and FlyGracefully may even buy you a pint of Copper or Coco Loco.


    1. Like I said, since I’m at bars when I’m home anyway I might as well just start a monthly happy hour like some of the other BA bloggers have in their home towns. Now that I’m not pretending I’m anonymous I have no issues with meeting anyone.

    1. I’m not sure if Gamecock is on TOBB or not, and it’s OK to call it milepoint here since BoardingArea and MilePoint are both part of the same parent company.

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