US Airways to join oneworld Nov 1

Although flight62 is a flight attendant and not an official PR person for US Airways, she posted yesterday on Flyertalk that an internal memo stated US Airways would join the oneworld alliance on November 1.

From State of the Airline today.

Code share starts within 10 days of Day 1. That’s all I have right now. How Star is effected was not discussed.

So this means if you are planning on booking anything with US Airways miles you’d better get on that before Nov. 1.  If you are planning on booking a trip on oneworld you now have a date for when the integration may all begin.

I have a trip to Europe I need to begin booking soon since I’m right about at 350 days today so in 20-30 days I can get that booked.  I may see if it is worth it to just hang on.  I may be best off just using US miles on US, I may transfer Chase UR points to United, or I may hang on and see what oneworld can do for me.  I think for the part of Europe I’m visiting that Star Alliance makes the most sense.  If you are on the same boat you may want to brush up on oneworld now since BA has some taxes and fuel surcharges.

I am looking forward to reading more about oneworld’s around the world tickets since they always seem more interesting than the routings Star Alliance people book.


  1. Interesting. I figured that time frame was about right. I hope US runs a other 100% share bonus this year before that so I can move some family miles around. I feel that once they merge to the AA miles they will be way harder to get or buy at a good price.

    1. Someone also said they’s move from Barclays and Citi to Amex, but i’m not holding my breath on that one. I thought it was pretty definite that the merged credit card would be Citi.

  2. As a strong US supporter and flyer, I have mixed emotions about the whole merger, but leaving Star Alliance is the saddest issue for me. I think the routings offered by Star are far more versatile than One World. 28 airlines in Star compared to 11 in OneWorld give a lot more options.
    That being said, I need to get on the stick and book my Thai award….and an Eva Air too!

  3. Would this mean I could finish my year end status earning Chairmans by doing a MR on American or BA? That could fun even though I wouldn’t be upfront.

  4. Wow! I was just surprised by their quick steps. So this means if I want to book a US flight after Nov 1, and earn the miles with my Aegean accounts, then I’d better to place the reservation before Nov 1, right?

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