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Weekly Recap: July 8 and July 15

weekly recapDoing a two-fer to get back on schedule.  If I’m erratic in posting this it’s because I’m burnt out and don’t really want to talk about travel.

July 8 – Worst travel week of the year for me!

Monday: I was *supposed* to go CLT-ATL-ATW (upgraded for both segments).  I was leaving late in the day since I had some important calls during the day.  Well I got to ATL just fine and went to my gate that was supposed to be boarding but we weren’t.  There was a flat tire on the plane.  By the time they finally got it fixed the first office had gone over his hours.  There were no spare first officers for that Delta regional carrier so they cancelled the flight.  There is only 1 flight per day from ATL-ATW so there was no later flight nor was there an early morning flight.  I went into the Sky Club and got rebooked and got my hotel voucher for the Best Western Plus and made it to the hotel to get the last voucher room.

Tuesday: New routing: ATL-MSP-ATW (no upgrades, but this was my 60th segment for the year).  The MSP-ATW flight was delayed.  I told my coworker all Wisconsin meetings need to be remote since I’ve had the worst luck with getting to/from that state.  I left my house at 3 pm EDT on Monday and arrived at the Hampton Inn around 1 pm CDT.  I was glad the meeting on Tuesday didn’t require me so my tardiness was not noticed.

Wednesday: Meetings and then flew ATW-DTW-ROC (upgraded DTW-ROC).  These flights were uneventful so I made it to the Residence Inn when I expected.

Thursday: Ate dinner at El Latino near ROC and then headed home through DTW (upgraded DTW-CLT).

Friday: home.

July 15:

Monday: Home

Tuesday: Flew non-stop CLT-CMH on US Airways (upgraded).  It was uneventful.  I stayed at the Hampton Inn right there.

Wednesday: Meetings and then flew non-stop home (upgraded).

Thursday: Home

Friday: home, but then headed camping outside of Nashville for the weekend.  It was nice to tube down the river.

Delta: 7 segments – 64 MQS/51,XXX MQM – requalified for at least Gold Medallion
US Airways: 2 segments – 39 PQS/30,XXX PQM
American Airlines: 5 EQS /3,XXX EQM
Hilton: 2 stays/ 2 nights – 29Stays/39 Nights
Marriott:  47 nights total
Avis: 7 rentals
Hertz: 1 rental