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Delta and cancelled flights

A couple days ago the Wall Street Journal published an article by Scott McCartney about how Delta has the lowest cancellation rate in the industry. Last year, Delta canceled just 0.3% of its flights, according to flight-tracking service That was twice as good as the next-best airlines, Southwest and Alaska, and five times better…

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DOJ halts US/AA merger

From CNN The Justice Department and attorneys general from six states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the $11 billion merger of American Airlines and US Airways, saying the combination would lead to higher prices and less service for consumers. Hmm…Just when it started to seem like everything was getting dates…

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Charlotte Flight Attendants Civil Disobediance over knives

Charlotte Flight Attendants protest TSA’s change in policy about knives. But flight attendants don’t want that to happen. They protested a proposal to change the TSA policy at Charlotte Douglas Airport on Thursday. They’re also pushing the “No Knives Act of 2013″ to permanently ban knives in the passenger cabin. Glenda Tally with the Association…

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