Super Couponing: the next logical step for a frequent traveler?

It seems that many members of flyertalk seem to be out to get the best deal they can on travel including taking trips they don’t really need because it can earn them miles for an expensive vacation.

I understand enrolling in every travel promotion because you never know when you will miss something and miss points, but apparently the same logic should be use towards other aspects of life including groceries.  I had occasionally hear stores of people who get 2 carts of groceries for $4 but never felt like I had the time to bother or the space to store it.  With the age of the internet it is so easy.  Grocery stores seem to be the last bastion of local business so as a Southerner I found  If you live in another region there may be a similar site for your grocery stores.  Pretty much you just gather every coupon from the newspaper or online and match it with a sale on that item in the grocery store.  Since there are people who do this for themselves they post it to Southern Savers so others (like me) can reap the benefits.  I’ve started getting the Sunday paper (I actually subscribed to my local news paper since Southern Savers has people who truck the Observer all over on Sundays) since I’m too lazy to go get it each Sunday.  This is just like people who post mileage runs to the mileage run forum.

I figure I’ll follow their advice and buy things I don’t need if they are free or close to it and if it begins to get close to the “use by” date I’ll just find a center to donate it to.  It’s a win-win.

Now I just have to get over my aversion to using coupons.