It’s interesting. For the first time for quite a while I’m not only home, but I’m actually home for 2 straight work weeks! Conversations to friends all start with “Grace is actually home during the week.”  No, I don’t talk in the third person, they usually just talk to my husband during the week because they know it’s futile trying to plan around my schedule.  I don’t even know what to really do with myself.  I have time to run errands, get paperwork done, and all that other stuff that is difficult to do on the road.  I’ve gone to the gym twice already and I’ll probably go again tonight.  Most importantly, I can actually go to Karaoke this Friday!  Yipee.  I love Karaoke but I haven’t been in a while.  I need to work on my routine because this year is my last year of eligibility for American Idol.