MyShape – Experimenting with Buying Clothing Online

I don’t talk a lot about clothing because I hate shopping, I rarely think things look good on me, and I’m just not a fashionable person.Invalid request error occurred.

I do, however, have to wear clothes so it becomes a necessary evil.  I blame years of Catholic school uniforms for eliminating any chance of fashion I may have had.  Instead I like classic  cuts.  Nothing frilly, no wild prints, just clean lines.  This makes shopping a chore because of course most brands like to cater to trends because that is what most people want.

I recently found a website called MyShape (this link should start you with a $25 credit).  It allows you to enter your measurements, clothing tastes, and favorite brands (to gauge your style).  It then spits back your shape.  You can filter their whole catalog based on your shape or your shape and style preferences.  There is also an option to purchase without picking a size.  I decided to try that on my first order just to give this the ultimate test.

I wanted a black dress to wear out to clubs on Friday nights.  I like sleeves and also want something that flatters my hips instead of emphasizing them.  I saw a dress I liked and didn’t understand the sizes listed so I opted for the sizeless option (they choose the correct size for me).  We shall see how this works out sometime next week.