New stores may come to CLT

According to the Charlotte Observer the retail operations at CLT is in discussion with The Paradies Shops to open new retail operations in CLT.  This is good news because HMS Host is just so boring and cliche.

The newsstands will be branded with the CNBC name. Other stores likely to come to the airport include Brooks Brothers, PGA Tour Shops and Lacoste.

Judging by the stores the article claims to bring it sounds like these are the people who also run the A Terminal at SMF.  That is pretty nice and I have to admit that I did my holiday shopping the past 2 years at the stores at SMF.

I wish OTG would  bid for the Food and Beverage contract at CLT, maybe they did and weren’t successful.  (Full disclosure, my normal employer has done business with OTG).  As far as sandwich kiosks go I prefer  CIBO Express over the crap HMS host calls a sandwich.  I thought HMS recently changed up their lineup when I recently bought a sandwich in ATL, but it might have been from a Paradies kiosk.  Isn’t it sad that I know airport sandwiches that well?