Android Travel App Review: Pageonce Travel

Does anyone know much about it?  I just installed it and I’m very underwhelmed with it compared to TripIt.  Sure Pageonce will update you if something happens to your flight, but I think I will have to manually enter a lot of flights.  With TripIt I have my travel agent’s site set up to automatically e-mail the TripIt e-mail address and 95% of stuff is imported correctly (I’ve had 2 car reservations not come across with the company name, but that could be my travel agent’s site, not TripIt).  Pageonce goes by frequent flyer accounts.  This means you give them your usernames and passwords, but it also means that all my partner stuff doesn’t come across.  I’m a United elite and I’m flying Continental this week.  Since United doesn’t usually know about my partner itineraries this one doesn’t show.  I can’t even enter the confirmation number…I would need to enter flight numbers!

I have rooted my backflip and upgraded to android 2.1 so I should have app reviews of better apps coming soon.

I’m tired after waking up at 4 am and flying for 7 hours so I’ll clean up the grammar later.