ACLU Survey Link for TSA Abuses

I was asked to post a link to an ACLU Survey about abuse during passenger screening.

If anyone out there has an experience they’d like to share with the ACLU please follow this link.

Travelers have expressed concern about:

•  Being forced to go through the AIT machines also known as full-body scanners or “naked scanner” machines

•  Unnecessary groping of passengers’ breast or genital areas

•  Humiliating experiences including for disabled or transgendered passengers

•  Lack of privacy during pat-downs

•  Lack of respect for religious requirements.

The ACLU is collecting individuals’ stories in order to determine the scope of this problem and evaluate future action. If you have had such an experience, please help us by filling out the following questionnaire. The information you provide in this questionnaire will be kept confidential unless we contact you and obtain your permission to share it with others. Please provide detailed responses where necessary. Your input is very important! Thank you!

Also, if anyone has any stories they would like me to share please e-mail them to me.