New Years Resolutions

Although I crave disorganization, I need structure to do my best.  That means I am going to try and impose some structure on my blog and instead of a “travel tip of the week” which became a “travel tip once in a blue moon” I am going to assign topics to each day.

Monday: Weekly Travel Tip
Tuesday: Android Travel App review
Wednesday: Travel Product Review
Thursday-Friday: discussion of current events in travel

Of course, if something timely happens I will post it in addition to the Monday-Wednesday topics.

In unrelated New Years Resolutions, although still travel related, I am running a 1/2 marathon every month this year.  I ran the Disney World 1/2 back on Jan 8, I am running the Disney Princess February 27th, then I’m using running as my excuse to finally visit all the states I haven’t been to.  I’m going to Oregon, Montana, Maine, Idaho, Alaska.  I couldn’t squeeze in Vermont though.  There are only so many months where I’ll bother running above the Mason-Dixon line.  That means in 2012 I just need to visit Vermont and I’ll have been to all 50 states (just transiting in an airport doesn’t count).  During the cooler months I’m running races in this area so it’s not until May that I venture out of the south.