Android App Review: Delta

I haven’t had the opportunity to explore this as much as I would like since I’m out of cell data coverage and the Wifi at this hotel is horrible.

Some features: You enter your sky miles number and it accesses your itineraries.
It displays sky miles number, status, and mile balance.
It searches for flight schedules and flight status.  Flight status includes flight amenities for first and coach.

The most interesting feature is the parking locator.  It allows you to take a picture of your parking spot and set a GPS marker to assist in finding your car.  You can even e-mail it to yourself with email accounts you’ve added.  I’m sure there are most likely stand-alone apps that do the same thing, but I thought it was a good bonus feature for a flight app.

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This adds Delta to the ranks of Southwest, Continental, and American Airlines that already have android apps.  Now it’s time for US Airways.