Travel gadget: Honey Nook

I’ve fallen behind on my class reading.  Reading from a laptop on a plane is pretty far from my idea of fun, but I still wasn’t too keen on getting an iPad (due to my refusal to use apple products) or a plain old eReader.  Let’s face it, I’m not a reader and since that’s the case I see little point in owning a gadget for an activity I don’t do.  Similar to how I don’t own a waffle iron.

Then I learned that the Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color (and other nook models) is just one big application running on Android.  Other craftier people used that to their advantage and decided to put Google’s new tablet OS Honeycomb on the nook.

Voila, I have a fairly functional android tablet with the form factor of an eReader and the price point of less than half of the Xoom.  Also, the OS is running from a microSD card so to make it a proper Nook Color again I just have to take the card out and it will boot up just fine!  This only set me back around $300 after the nook, taxes, and a fresh microSD card.a close-up of a laptop

I can’t get certain things to work on it though including the Delta app, but I still have my phone for that.  There is no GPS and the color doesn’t have a 3G option like the eInk version does, but it does have a wireless-N card.


  1. Ahhhh yes… Annoyingly make stuff work and making sacrifices due to product disloyalty.

    I used to live like that, until my time became of more value than misguided corporate chivalry.

  2. I believe in competition, open source software, and other things like that. I wasn’t a fan of google until recently since windows mobile 6.1 and 6.5 were just not designed to keep up with modern phones.

    I also like the option for price point and features such as a physical keyboard. This response was typed on my intercept instead of the nook due to the keyboard.

    Apple didn’t see the need for a 2 button mouse. Apple doesn’t see the need for physical keyboards n their phones. I like those features so I buy devices that suit me.

  3. I share your dislike of Apple. I just don’t want to be told I am too stupid to organise my device and that I have to pay extra for them to do it for me… and everybody runs around with one these days…

    But – I looooove waffles…:-) especially with apple-sauce…

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