Amazon Prime users now get free streaming

As a value-added service Amazon just announced that Prime subscribers (ETA, only paid subscribers) are now allowed to stream many movies and TV shows from their Instant Streaming for free, 5,000 right now.  I’m sure it will be similar to the Netflix streaming where it is often not anything you actually care to watch, but sometimes in desperation I do watch Netflix streaming.

Maybe it’s time to cancel Netflix since I rarely use it anyway.

****Edited to add**** I had realized this when I came to edit and someone had already commented.  The streaming is only included in the paid $79 membership (which they state is not increasing at this time).  Student members will not get free streaming in addition to their current 2 day prime.


  1. I’m fairly certain the Student Prime subscription will not give you access to the free streaming. Free streaming is only accessible to PAID prime subscribers, so you’ll have to cough up the $79 to get it.

    1. $79/year = $6.58/mo which is cheaper than Netflix, but it really just depends on what movies/shows they will have. Also, Netflix still has huge word-of-mouth for streaming. All of my friends also subscribe to netflix streaming so most of our movie conversations mention that it is on netflix streaming.

      Many of my friends are paid Amazon prime subscribers so we’ll see if this trend changes, but it’s ultimately all about content.

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